This blog has come to fruition from my re-discovering of my love for pipe smoking. As my profile says, I have been around pipe smoking on and off for more than twenty years.

I have always loved the feel of a pipe in my hand and mouth.

I felt drawn to both the taste and smell of the tobacco. I fully admit, I have never experienced a true premium blend of pipe tobacco. That has finally come to an end as I will be placing my first full order of tobacco blends from Mars Cigars and Pipes . Pay day can't come soon enough!

I have become infatuated with corn cob pipes. Especially those from Missouri Meerschaum Genuine American Corn Cob Pipes. I own two Legends and have ordered a Freehand, General, Country Gentleman and a MacArthur.

These pipes are:
  • easy to light
  • easy to draw
  • easy to keep lit
  • they have a wonderful feel
  • they taste great - you even get a bit of the cob taste from time to time
  • easy on the wallet

  • I look forward to creating conversations here with other pipe smokers, corn cob or not.

    You can look forward to reviews of both pipes and tobacco from someone who doesn't have a dog in the fight. I'll be straightforward. If i love it, you'll know it and why. If I can't stand a pipe or a tobacco - well, you'll know that too.

    Be forewarned: I have been known to use a bit of colorful language from time to time.

    If you like a post or video - leave a comment. If you don't like something - leave a comment on Aritrocob's blog :o)

    P.S. Pipes Magazine is NOT a sponsor of this blog. I just like the rag and thought I'd through them some link love.

    Double P.S. I am a Member of what I think is the absolute best pipe forum on the interwebs Brother of Briar. The guys (and one gal) are the smartest, most generous folks you will ever have the privilege to meet.

    Check the place out! (I am Carter Hall Junkie there).

    Monday Night Musings

    I love Mondays.

    I know, most folks don't like them, especially after a hard weekend of partying or yard work.

    These days, both of those activities are not way up on the totem pole of importance for me. I'm 48 now and my hard partying days are pretty much over. Don't get me wrong, a quiet weekend spent with a bottle of Gentleman Jack or a nice Scotch - well that still rates for me. But the days of drinking until I can't stand - just for the sake of drinking until I can't stand - I gave those up for Lent years ago.

    Yard work? Well my best yard work these days is done with a lawn chair, a bottle of good beer and my trusty corn cob pipe. 

    I watch the grass grow.

    God I love my corn cob pipe.

    How about you guys? What's your favorite lazy evening activity?

    P.S. Here's my favorite Scotch.

    Pic of the Week

    Weekly I will post a pic of a famous pipe smoker.

    Who is this one?

    Leave your best guess in the comments.

    I'll be fun!